This post is way overdue but I guess it might still be worth posting. My wife wanted a simple computer that she can use for browsing and basic work stuff. I thought this is a good excuse to finally get a full acrylic case. I’m very hesitant to get an acrylic case because it is more fragile compared to your traditional case. But, I am still very curious how it feels like to own one.

I got the MX210 mATX case from GEEEK. The case is a little compact, simple and sleek — perfect for clean and simple builds. It went on sale for about $50, not too expensive so it won’t hurt too much if the case turns out to be horrible.

Computer Specifications

CPU: Intel i5-2500
Motherboard: MSI H61M-E23
RAM: 8 GB Unknown brand
GPU: GTX 460
Cooler: Cryorig C7
Case: GEEEK MX210

As you can see, this computer is a bit dated but can still perform well. I paid $100 for the used components (except for the PSU, case and hard drive). I do not need expensive parts since my wife will mostly use this for work, excel and basic browsing. If she wants to play AAA games again, all I have to do is slap a high-end video card and she is good to go.


Let’s talk about the pros of this case. Unlike most cases which are made from steel or aluminum, GEEEK cases are acrylic. They are sleek, beautiful and could be a nice table decoration. Since the case is basically plastic, it is very light and easy to handle. Acrylic cases are perfect for showcasing your computer internals, specially if you have a lot of RGB lights. I initially wanted to get a mini ITX case but decided to get a slightly larger mATX just in case if I want more space.

The case arrived in a flat box and each piece is covered by a protective film. The building process is really easy, just like building LEGOs. The instructions are not included in the box. However, you can still download it from the GEEEK website. You also do not need any special tools, just your hand and a screwdriver.


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The case is all about being pretty, that’s it. You don’t buy this case for any other reason. Manage your expectations accordingly.


So this case has one positive side, what are the negatives? First, it is not as sturdy as an aluminum or steel case. It is made of acrylic, obviously it isn’t as durable as steel or aluminum. I remember seeing a build on reddit where the owner inverted the mobo tray and the PSU is situated at the top. It might seem cool, but the case ended up flexing due to the weight of the PSU. You also have to be careful not to drop the case. Again, for obvious reasons there’s a chance that the case might break or get cracks.

Second, an acrylic case is prone to scratches and fingerprints. After you are done building, set it wherever you want it to sit and make sure to wipe off your fingerprints. Be careful when cleaning it too. Do not use abrasive materials or cleaning compounds.

The last downside that I have for this case is its accessibility. Most cases have side panels that can be easily removed so you can access the components of your computer. In MX210, there are 8 screws holding the side panel. You need to carefully unscrew and screw all of them every time you need to do something inside your computer.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it? It depends on your intention. If you want a unique case to show off your cable management, then yes this is worth it. If it is on sale, definitely get it. Other than being sleek and pretty, you are better off finding a different case. There are a lot of computer cases that can compete with MX210 at its price point. The cases today are very competitive in the sub-$100 range so it isn’t hard to find a beautiful but cheap case.

Note: This is an old review that I just published very late.

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